Friday, February 21, 2014

How to know if the mail you sent was read or not

Do you sometimes wish you could know if your email was read or not? Maybe it landed up in spam folder. Maybe it never reached. 

This probably is going to raise some eyebrows or even get banned but there is an extension which lets you know exactly when your email was read by the recipient. Not only this, it even tells you where it was read and how many times it was opened.

Streak is a chrome extension developed by a namesake San Francisco based startup, which lets users see when their sent email was opened.


Login to your Gmail account.
Download and Install Stream from here.
Allow Streak the permission to access your Gmail data.
This is it. Done!

You can choose to keep the email tracking option off by default and turn it on only while sending a mail as Streak lets you track only 200 mails a month for free. 

The email tracking can be turned on while sending email. Streak will notify you when a recipient of one of your emails has opened your email. You can also see the full history of when, where and how many times recipients have opened your email.

Before sending the mail, click on 'eye' icon and it turns orange signifying the tracking in enabled for the said mail. Emails that are being tracked will have the "eye" icon in your inbox. The eye will turn green for the emails which would have been opened by their respective recipients. 

I did not send this message. Sorry, Buttercup!

To get more information such as the name of the recipient (in case email was sent to more than one people) who read the mail, the date they read the mail, the device they read the email with, the location from where they accessed their email. Wow! Right?

You can also search through the emails which have tracking ON using any of the Gmail search queries by adding "has:tracking".

I tried to test it and this is what I found (as of this date) :
1. The time tracking is perfect. It sent me the notification as soon as the mail was opened. There is no notification for subsequent mail reads. If you want to know how many times recipient opened the mail, you'll have to check yourself.
2. It shows that the mail was opened by 'Anonymous1' which is not what happened. The tacking should be showing the name of the contact (which also exists in my contact book) but for some reason it doesn't.
3. Location Tracking also seems to be not working.

I wonder why that happened? My guess is it depends upon your location access. The recipient's browser must have location access turned ON for Streak to get their location. And this is the reason why you should always have your location sharing disabled.

The sent email does not notify the recipient that their email is being tracked, which actually is a big deal.

There are a lot of other features which Streak offers which ensure the fact that Streak is the only Gmail tool which you'll need. 

This is me after I got to know of this extension. ;)