Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to get followers on Pinterest : Cheatsheet

If you are reading this post, there is a 72% chance that you're a female. Now, Why'd I say that? I am not saying it. Stats say that.

According to latest statistics, roughly 72% of Pinterest users are female. If you are looking to increase your follower count on Pinterest, you're on right place.

I increased my follower count on Pinterest from 0 to over 1000 in just 3 days. I could do a lot more but I'm not that interested in Pinterest (as of now).

Enough with the talking, let's go about how to get followers on Pinterest.

Requirements :-
1. Pinterest account. (Duh!)
2. Motivation & Perseverance.
3. Aim (e.g. how many followers are enough for you).


I'll list two ways to increase your follower count in this post :-

1. Find users with medium follower account. You want to be targeting the accounts with about 2000-3000 followers. Why these accounts? These are the accounts which have real people following them who also want more followers. Accounts with more than this follower count have a lot of shops and inactive accounts follow them. Don't go after famous accounts.

Now go to their followers. One more reason for targeting such accounts is that you want people to follow you back and such accounts have a good percentage of followers who regularly follow back. After you are on followers tab, it's time to go clicking. Grab your mouse and start following people with profile pictures.

Do not follow accounts with no profile pictures as it's of no use because they are not interested in Pinterest. Go slow on following as Pinterest maintains the followers:following ratio and number of users you can follow in a day is restricted.

After you're done following, it's time to get posting. Create some boards, search for the related query on Pinterest and start Pinning. Your profile should have about 100-150 pins to interest people to follow you back.

Do not unfollow the accounts right away after they follow you. I mean you could do it but it's rude. Anyways, this is your judgement. If you are comfortable with high number of 'following' count, great! Otherwise, you could unfollow people after a week or something.

Remember, you'll have to repeat this strategy for about a month if you aim to reach 50000 followers. If you just don't want to be pinning alone and want a few followers, one or two days of work should satisfy you using this trick.

2. Group Boards : Search for Group Boards on Pinterest and join them. Start posting everyday on group boards. This strategy includes participation in about 5 different group boards. After 2-3 days of posting, you'll get noticed by users and visitors there and they would follow you back. I've tried and tested this technique and it definitely works.

The above mentioned methods work charms if you wish to get more followers. However, please keep in mind that social networks are not about getting huge follower count. They are about having fun online with friends. Have Fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to find out when someone joined twitter and their first tweet

Do you remember what your first tweet was? Probably not. Twitter has launched a micro-site which helps people find out their first silly tweet.

You can find out anybody's first tweet using this service. There had been a few websites letting people see their first tweet but most of them have been out of service due to Twitter's API changes. Some of them like Mytweet16 have celebrities' accounts archived but they are of no avail to common users. 

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Twitter's new site #FirstTweet will find your first tweet and unlike other sites (which don't work anymore), it's pretty fast.

Just enter your or anybody's username and Twitter will fetch their first tweet. The date of the first tweet may not be the day that person joined twitter but that's a rare case.

Deleting your first tweet.

You could find out your first tweet by downloading your tweets but that way you can't delete anything.

Only politicians and celebs have formal first tweets. While you were just trying out twitter, you might have tweeted something which you really wouldn't want there as your first tweet - think of something like - 'Whatsup Bi***es?!' In that case, this little site also makes it easy for you to delete your first tweet.

'am wasting time.' was my first tweet. Not Anymore! I mean I am not wasting time anymore. So, I didn't want it to stay over there and remind me how lazy I used to be or want to be. So, I just navigated to that tweet (by clicking on the time-stamp) and deleted it. *Check the time-stamp on both tweets* 

Now, my first Tweet is 'hiyaaa' which I can live with.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top Medium Collections everybody should follow

Medium is a new little place on the internet where everybody can write their ideas, thoughts and stories. It's simple, elegant and it let's you concentrate on writing rather than other technicalities of blogging.

On Medium, you can create collections. Think of a library section where one genre of books are found. Collections are those genres. Stories and posts added by individuals can be submitted on different collections where they belong.

Here are the top collections on Medium which everybody should check out :

1. Better Humans :

2. Comedy Corner :

3. War is boring :

4. The Nib :

5. Human Parts :

6. Weird Future :

7. Matter :

8. Culture Club :

9. Best thing I found online today :

10. Boinkology 101 :

11. Life Learning :

12. General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion :

13. The Growth List :

14. Futures Exchange :

15. Tech Humor :

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to embed anything on your website

Do you own blogs and websites and often struggle with embedding content on your posts? While social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus have already started providing embed posts for their content, this might be hard if you aim to embed websites or posts, in particular.

Embedly makes it easy to embed anything. I am embedding a post from this blog here for an example :

Reading guide for starters
As you can see, the embeds are pretty beautiful too and almost look like Facebook embeds. Embedly calls them Embed cards.

Implementing the embed is a one click process. Head over to embedly website. Paste the URL which you wish to embed and hit enter. Embedly will provide you the embed code for the card. Copy the code and paste it in your blog/website. The card automatically includes a thumbnail image from the site and a description of the post.

You can also embed pdf links and the embed would be scrollable just like scribd embeds.

Embedly also provides the script for embed button which you can add to your website/blog which your readers can use to embed your posts on their blogs. You can also create custom embed buttons to make buttons that match your site's look and feel.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to make GIFs in 2 easy steps

The animated GIFs are back and this time they are awesome. The internet welcomes this GIF 2.0 revolution as an art form. If you love GIFs, here is a layman way to make them without much effort.

What do you need?
1. GifCam (Free)

3. An inspiration - a video clip which you want to convert to GIF.

GifCam is a little but powerful screen capture program

The best part of GifCam is that you don't need to cut videos as little clips before converting, neither you need to download youtube videos for the purpose of making a GIF. You could make GIFs of YouTube videos using various online services but most of them put their logo or link at the corner. With GifCam, not only the whole process is better and easier, it's also free.

Download GifCam and find the video scene which you wish to convert to GIF.

 How - To 
1. Start your video (on media player or YouTube). Find your scene and pause just before the frame from where you want to capture the video.

Now, Start GifCam, set it up on the video, start recording and then play the video. Make sure capture cursor option in GifCam is unchecked.

2. When you think you're done, click 'stop' and click on the arrow next to 'Save' and then preview. GifCam will show you the output gif. To delete frames, click on 'Edit' and then delete the frames one by one until you get the desired gif. You'll have to preview it few times in the process to check which frames you want to keep and which ones you can let go. To keep the gif shorter in gif, delete the frames which you don't need in the gif.

Click Save. Give it a name and done!

Here's the gif I made for this post :

GifCam offers output in 256 colors and Gray scale as well in case your GIF is long and is big in size. With GifCam, making GIFs is no big deal anymore. Go make some gifs!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

These people are trying to beat Ellen's twitter record

On Oscars night, Ellen Degeneres broke the internet with her selfie tweet.

The tweet went on to beat Barack Obama's record of highest number of RTs.

Since then, a number of accounts have tweeted such selfie tweets, some of them even trying to break Ellen's record.

For now, Mr. Shipman is leading the race. But would he be able to break 3.2 Million?

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Reading guide for starters

Just decided to pick-up reading as a habit but not sure if it's your cup of tea? Reading is not for everybody so, before you invest money into something, you might want to see if you are up to it. You don't have to spend a single penny to try. This post will guide you step-by-step on how to get started for free. 

Getting Started :

There are a lot of ways to start reading but kindle is by-far the best and most comfortable way to get going. Buying a device is not needed (for the starters, at least). Download Kindle for PC or Mac and setup your kindle account. Kindle for PC lets users read kindle e-books on their PC.

After setting up your kindle account, you'd need some books to start with. Here are the few resources you should check:
  • Free Popular Classics : Popular classics is a list of free e-books curated by Amazon, which consists few great works of literature. Books here are updated periodically and kindle edition of these books is free. You might find your first good-read here. 
  • Manybooks : has got some appreciable collection of classics. Manybooks boasts of over 26,000 free titles! You can browse authors or search titles and download Kindle (.azw) e-book for free.
  • Top 100 free best sellers : E-book authors often let readers have kindle edition of their books for free. Watch this space for recent books.

Sending e-books to your Kindle account.

If you plan on reading only on Kindle for PC, sending e-books to your kindle account is not needed. Navigate to ..\User\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle\application\content and paste the kindle (.azw) files you downloaded from (or anywhere else) in the content folder and these books will show up in your Kindle for PC.

You can also read books on your android or windows or iPhone with Kindle app. Books downloaded from Kindle Store would show up in the Kindle app for smartphones.

However, the books downloaded from other resources, such as, would not be accessible in Kindle app for smartphones unless you send them over to your kindle account.

Kindle assigns every user a send-to-kindle email address. Personal documents or e-books can be sent to this email address and they will reach your kindle account and hence would be accessible from all your apps and devices. You can find your send-to-kindle email address in your amazon account or navigating to Menu > Settings on Kindle app on your smartphone. 

Send files from your registered email id to your send-to-kindle email address as an attachment and then you'd be able to read those books even on the go! 

E-books in other formats need to converted to Kindle format (.azw). Putting "convert" as a subject line of the email being send to kindle would automatically convert them to .azw format.

Almost all of the popular classics can be downloaded for free (legally). So now, What's stopping you?

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